Trash, Recycling and Compost Cart Cleaning 💧

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Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, serving the Twin Cities metro area and beyond.

We’ll leave your containers clean, sanitized and smelling great!

A Tidy, Hassle-Free Way to Clean Your Carts Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly

Pressure Washed with Hot Water, Inside and Out 🔥

Environmentally Friendly with No Water Runoff

🚮 Works with Any Size or Style Cart

Minnesota Trash Can Cleaning 🗑️

Serving the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs including…

Bloomington (Where Hydro Squad is Located!)


Eden Prairie



…and more!

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A Few Reasons Why Your Cart Should be Clean…

Flies and Maggots

Having problems with critters and bugs in your container? This could be a sign of infestation because your carts are dirty and need to be cleaned.

Germs and Bacteria

Rotting garbage is the home for germs, bacteria, mold and more. By using 200 degree high-pressure water, this issue can be washed away.

Pet Waste and Diapers

Over 10 million pounds of pet waste is thrown away every year! Add that to 20 billion diapers that are thrown out; that’s a lot of waste! Free your cart of the smell and bacteria with our cart washing service.


Whether your carts are stored inside your garage or left outside, the smell can be horrendous! The source of this smell comes from garbage breaking down which releases gasses and chemicals.


Natural and Eco-Friendly Products Used

Using regular water without the need for harsh chemicals makes our services 100% natural and eco-friendly! 


Efficient on Killing Germs and Bacteria

Bacteria are rapidly killed at temperatures above 149°. With our 200° hot water, combined with a 3000 PSI pressurized spray gun and cleaning heads, you can be rest-assured that your carts will be squeeky clean!

Germ-Killing Water Temperature

  • Hydro Squad Hot Water Temperature (200°) 100% 100%
  • Regular Hose Water Temperature (55°) 40% 40%

PSI Water Blast!

  • Hydro Squad Water Pressure (3000 PSI) 100% 100%
  • Regular Hose Water Pressure (50 PSI) 5% 5%

How Hydro Squad Works

Learn more about the machine that does it all!

We use specialized lifts, wands, water tanks and more to keep your carts looking clean and smelling fresh.

Step 1:


We schedule to clean your cart the day after your garbage pick up, except Friday. As long as we can see the containers from the street and they’re easily accessible, consider them clean!

Step 2:

Lift Off!

We attach your container to our specalized lift and the washing process begins! Our hot water jet sprays every inch of your container (even the lid and wheels!) and we give the outside a wash as well. Your cart will be left clean and free of bacteria and smell!

Step 3:

Clean as Can Be!

That’s it! We’ll place your cart back at the top of your driveway or where we grabbed your carts from. Depending on your service, we’ll be back for another cleaning in no time to be sure your carts stay well-maintained and squeeky clean.


Learn more about Hydro Squad’s trash cleaning service. Don’t see a question listed? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Why do I need to clean my cart?

Trash cans (and especially yard waste cans in the summer heat!) can get smelly and disgusting in a matter of days. Cleaning them isn’t the most fun activity which is why Hydro Cart was created. Whether you store your containers inside of your garage our outside, a clean cart doesn’t smell, removes harmful bacteria and keeps rodents away.

How often should I clean my trash can?

We suggest cleaning carts on a monthly basis. Having an initial cleaning will start you off in the right direction something something…

When do you schedule to clean my garbage containers?

We will clean your containers the day after they’re dumped. We clean Tuesday through Saturday, unless there is a holiday that interupts this schedule.

Do you completely clean my containers, inside and out?

Yes! We clean both inside and outside, leaving your cart completely fresh and clean. On rare occasions, cans can become extremely dirty. If a cart hasn’t been cleaned in several years, it may take a few washes for very tough grime to be removed. Please note that stains such as paint or dried tar cannot be removed completely by our cleaning.

Do you work with HOAs (home owner associations)?

Yes! We work with several HOAs to keep the entire community of carts looking their best. Contact us today to learn more information on how we can keep your neighborhood’s containers clean.

Can you clean commercial dumpsters?

Certainly! We work with garbage haulers, apartments, townhomes and more to ensure that all your containers are left fresh and clean on your property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can solve your dirty bin problem.

How often do you want a cleaning?


Communities / HOAs

Hydro Squad specializes in servicing townhomes, apartment complexes, communities, HOAs and more!

  • Discounted pricing for bulk cart cleaning
  • We can clean the inside of commercial dumpsters to eliminate smell and nasty odors
  • We also can pressure wash and sanitize dumpster pads
  • Common areas such as sidewalks, pool areas and more can be cleaned to enhance the property

Send us an email to learn more about how Hydro Squad can do bulk cleanings, pressurewashing and more to brighten up your community.

Commercial / Government

Garbage Haulers

Let us clean your carts, lot or vehicles so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Bulk cart cleaning done at your facility or lot
  • From residental carts to commercial dumpsters, we can clean anything and everything
  • Other pressure washing services can be utilized such as fleet washing, asphalt and building cleaning and more

Tell us more about your cart cleaning situation and we’ll let you know how Hydro Squad can help.

Contact Us

Learn more about who cleans your carts and the operation!




Greg has over 10 plus years in the solid waste industry and has always wondered why there was never a solution for cleaning containers. Outside of container washing, Greg enjoys learning Ukrainian and riding motorcycles.

I look forward to leaving you with a bright and shiny container!




With over 15 years in the accounting industry, Josh has always liked things clean and tidy. Garbage cart cleaning is all he ever wanted and asked for! When Josh is not blasting water, he is usually golfing, relaxing at the cabin with family, or chasing his kids around the hockey rink.

I can’t wait to change your life through cart washing!



Water Pressure Professional

A recent new-comer to America, Oleh (pronounced Oleg) comes all the way from Ukraine. He has many miles under his belt with driving and operating large vehicles, so pressure washing and cleaning carts is a breeze! If Oleh isn’t driving, he’s out fishing, walking around Centennial Lakes or enjoying time with new friends.

Oleh will see you on the route!



Water Pressure Professional

Whatever Jamie is involved with, he sure knows his stuff from top-to-bottom! With an entrepreneur mindset, he’s always staying busy with side-hustles and work. With a love for cars, fishing, snowmobiles and more, Jamie is always on the move doing something fun when he’s not on the truck.

If you see me on the route, come say hello!

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